Sepik Mom- Bisdak Diay

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Sepik Mom- Bisdak Diay

So, how did I get to be a bisaya? I was born and raised in Phillips Bukidnon, yes, the land of sprawling pineapple plantation. I went to school in Phillips until highschool and managed to get myself to UP, and stayed there for 4 years where I met most of my closest friends now– almost all of them are yes, bisaya, and pure bisdak gayud!

I am now married and living in urban Manila, sniffing pollution everyday… I have 2 children ages 4 and 2 and one on the way. I love to blog and I maintain my own site for almost a year now. My site is aboout my experiences as a mother, and as a wife married to an expat in Manila. This blogging thing led to various sites both maintained locally and abroad. It is so amazing how people manage to keep in touch with each other without appearing to be like stalkers. I follow the Sassy Lawyer like a besotted teenager. Apart from these blogs, I read sites by fellow bisdaks, like A Work in Progress, by my friend Ginee in Canada, Kuracha by my friend Mildred who diligently works at the Court of Appeals is a fellow bisdak from Bohol, and I simply love reading Balay ni Bambit serveral times a day.

Though I wanted to I am one of those idiots who always have difficulty writing anything in bisaya. Somehow, writing in bisaya to me is too tedious and my spelling is too poor. Mayhap, I do not want to break my neck and head as I struggle to get the words and spelling right. But mind you, when my friends from the province in Bukidnon and from the universitycomes and we get together, we are probably the noisiest bunch of girls, giggling, and just simply the loudiest group in whichever part of the restaurant we choose to dine in. I just hope that my poor bisaya writing skills is not at par with my speaking ability. I do still speak bisaya when I am with my friends and when I am talking with my father. It has nothing to do with hypocrisy nor about not being nationalistic, this is simply nothing but pure idiocy. Sorry… I will try and blog again in bisaya…

Sepik Mom


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