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Ako si M16, Baby Armalite

Much as i love being Bisaya ang supportive of Cebuano talents. I was surprised when i saw at OPM Myx via TFC a Cebuano band singing Baby Armalite. I mean the lyrics of the song was all about the weapon M16. With matching the sound effect of the baby armalite, “bang.. bang.. bang… bang… ”

Of course it automatically caught my 3 year old nephew’s attention. I had to switch to another channel since i dont want him to be watching and listening to the song. I know the song is catchy and all since yun naman yata ang uso na theme ng mga kanta sa Pilipinas.

But the band Junior Kilat could have included in the lyrics of the song about being against violence, anti-gun smuggling, anti- war, the risk of carrying a firearm and among other things. In this way Junior Kilat can send a message through his music that violence and war isnt the answer.

Ang sa akin lang naman.

  1. FYI:
    A repost comment from http://balikbayanbox.Pansitan.Net

    hi!ü this is gina, keyboardist of junior kilat. it was nice reading your reaction to our song, “ako si M16”. It is in fact, a song about the reality of war and violence, not just in the philippines but in other countries as well—the viscious dirty business of gun running and weapon may check out the full lyrics at our website: Some people may think our music is plain gibberish. If you do listen carefully to the lyrics, you will see the underlying symbols and imagery on social realism. our songs are culturally rooted to bisaya life. we talk about sigbins, agta, shabu use, other issues and even the potency of love..hehe! we use catchy, satirical lyrics to primarily get the attention of people. we don’t spoonfeed and state the obvious message. it’s true, some people often misinterpret the meaning of our songs…but it is a delight knowing that they figure it out in the end.hope you would be able to watch our music video again. we are anti-war and violence.. we do mention this over and over everytime we perform live around the country. :)if in case you do see a light in our songs and wish to buy our album online…you may do so at thanks so much! we are proud to be bisaya too! we won’t let you down–even if you’re in the other side of the world.ümuch love and respect, gina :)(

  2. ::gina::

    Uulitin ko i have nothing against the band. Infact im very happy for you guys for breaking the mainstream and able to break in the music world. Wow Astig gayud mga Cebuano!

    I was more curious about the lyrics of the song and being a protective aunt to my 3 yr old nephew i have a choice of songs for him to listen to.

    Bago ko sinulat ang post na ito binasa ko muna ang lyrics ng kanta ninyo. Ang sa akin lang naman meron akong responsibilidad sa pamangkin ko gayun din kayong mang-aawit sa inyong mga tagapagsubaybay at tagapakinig ng mga awitin ninyo.

    More power to you and your band

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