Wikipedia in Cebuano

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Wikipedia in Cebuano

Hello Bisaya Bloggers,

Wa pa koy blog pero invite lang ko ninyo nga motabang
sa paghimo ug Wikipedia in Cebuano

Naay 20 million ka tao nga ang sinultian kay Cebuano,
nya walay wikipedia nga Cebuano?!?!

Gisugdan na ang pagtranslate pero kinahanglan ang
imong tabang!

Help in translating Wikipedia to Cebuano!

First, you have to set up an account:
Click on the link in the upper right-hand corner/


Go here: and click on the small edit button beside the Cebuano

Place your signature in the people willing to work for
the translation by placing the cursor after the
Palihog ipuno ang inyong mga pangalan dinhi!- and
clicking on the 2nd rightmost button on top of the
editing window (the signature button). Preview it
(click the button below the editing window) and if you
are OK with it, save it.

Hinaut nga usa ka adlaw, naa nay Wikipedia dili lang
sa Cebuano kundi Waray-waray, Illonggo, Aklanon,
Butuanon, Chavacano, Kapangpangan, Ilocano, ugbp!

  1. oi, nindut lagi na… =) thanks… =)

    ako unya na buhatun later.. =)

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