WhY Do I BLoG?

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What is Blog?
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  • “Camaraderie/Friendship”
  • Short for Web log, a blog is a Web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual. Typically updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality of the author.My story goes like this. I have been using yahoo for as long as I can remember. But my yahoo kept bouncing so I opened an account sa Gmail. Unya dunay partner nga Picassa ang gmail photo organizer kini. Didto sa Picassa nako nakaplagan ang blogger. Cge nako makit-an ang logo nga blogger ug hello. Sa akong huna-huna unsa maning blogger ha! I was curious so nag- signed up ko sa hello unya karon I can blog photo daw through hello. Libog ako ulo oi! so nag-signed up napod ko sa blogger. SuS! wala ko kabalo unsay akong buhaton. I wasn’t aware na may sampol diay ang blogger. Mao to nga akong gi share sa akong yahoo group and akong bag-o nga blog. Puros picture ug description lang ang sulod. So, na’ay nag-comment unya gitagaan pod ko n’ya sa iyang blog link
    “Chronicles of Life”
    And then daghan na dayon akong nakit-an nga blog. It was then, I got an idea kon unsaon paghimo ug blog. Ako dayon gi-usab ang akong blog. Ug natawo ang blog nga
    “Abigail Faith is a Miracle”It’s about my little girl. And from there I continued to blog about anything else that came to me…
    “My Garden”
    “My Gallery”
    “My Ballroom Dance”
    “My Kitchen”
    Why do I blog? Well, I want to practice and improve my writing. Also to improve my English grammar. I want to share my thoughts, and experiences, and any information that could help people. I enjoy writing and it makes me happy when someone leaves a note or comment in my blog.
    I met a lot of friends over the internet. I never imagined how thoughtful and helpful they could be. They give me inspiration, encouragement and support. Even if we never meet in person. I feel like we have been friends for a long time.
    Anyway, here’s a poem about CaMaradeRie/Friendship.
    “A FRienDShiP HeRe”
    A friendship here and a friendship there, before you know it they’re every where! On the net, you meet at last, making friends in every chat/blogPeople you might never have met, if it weren’t for this awesome net. They welcome us into their lives, like flowers to a butterfly. A face you may never meet or see, but their hearts are shared with you and me…Across the miles they make their way, sending e-mails every day. They send you hugs and kisses, vibrant smiles and best of wishes. Friendships born on the net, I am so very happy that we met.

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