On Why do I blog

In Uncategorized on June 29, 2005 at 10:04 am

On Why do I blog

I have always been a website freak and have done several web sites. When my son was born, naturally I made one for him and in it is a book chronicling all my experiences as a new mom and the developments of our child. Then I came across some news about a flight attendant who was sacked from her job because she posted in her blog sexy photos taken in her company uniform. Obviously I checked out her blog to see what was the fuss all about. That was the first time I discovered the Blog World.
From there on, I decided that instead of writing entries on my baby’s book online, it would be much better to blog them.
Coming across the Bisaya Bloggers is a fun in disguise. I have been faithful to my son’s blog but never to my own. Didn’t have inspiration and motivation. With the discovery of the Bisaya Blogger, I thought this would be an opportunity to keep my being bisdak alive. (So why the hell am I writing in english?).
Anyway, my original sinless desire was to blog purely in bisaya no matter how long it would take me to write an entry and no matter how much I would be spending calling my family just to ask a particular bisaya word. Then my hubby “discovered” my blog and flooded my mailbox. He practically copied and pasted my bisaya entries and sent them to me with the header in bold: “What does this mean?”. I was thinking of translating my bisdak entries to english, but goodness, imagine the time! So now when I think my hubby is interested to read a blog of mine, I write it in English, the rest is in bisaya. Voila.


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