Dive ta Bay!

In Uncategorized on August 2, 2005 at 8:17 am

Kung naa ka sa 90 feet underwater isa lang ang imong dina hunahuna. Dili ka maghunahuna ug trabaho, skwela, uyab, cellphone, ipod, kapait sa pilipinas, ang pagtaas sa dollar, or ang political crisis. Ang imong hunahunaan kay muginhawa lang kay kung dili mamatay ka!!! dah!!


Davao is home to alot of great diving spots and im lucky that its just a 30-40 minutes boat ride away. Seriously before i even go to school (thank god for my late afternoon classes) i go diving somewhere in the Davao Gulf. Yup i have the nerve to go to class with a tan and make the excuse sorry maam nagdive man gud ko incase im late. I started out my open water diving course last month (finished it in 3 days!) and now im a certified diver and boy am i loving it.

At start it was really nerve wracking. Trying to breathe calmly, getting used to a huge thing (regulator) stuck in your mouth, sticky wetsuit, heavy gear (if your still in the surface), water getting into your mask, pressure hurting your ears. The list goes on.. But once you got it all and the first realization that your breathing a couple of feet underwater.. The magic happens. Its like being in another universe, totally drama free, simply breathtaking. You see all sort of fishes, weird looking ones, colorful ones, NEMO!!!, basketball size sea urchins, awesome corals. You have to dive to see and know what im talking about.
Diving is soo cool. Its about learning a form of discipline (not allowed to drink the night before the dive) and awareness (dont destroy the corals it took million of years for it to look great for you to see). This is something i badly need these days, a productive distraction from my frustrations (need not to elaborate further hahahaha).
Kinsay bisaya na diver diha??
See you underwater!
  1. waaaaaaaaaaaa! inggit ako…
    Tudlu-i ko mag dive pag uli nku next year…

  2. shawty murag si Marina hehehe

    inggit syempers waaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. gail: ngek i cant teach you. pero sige lang mangita ta ug yummy na dive instructor hahaha

    ayeza: marina your ass hahahaha… lets dive when you get back here alright–>

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