kayo na po ang humusga

In Uncategorized on August 31, 2005 at 7:23 pm
Well decisions, decisions..

Honestly, we’re still ironing out some more plans for this. And as a desperate blogger can tell you, never go to a meal with charitable donors without appropriate presents. Like in our case, inasmuch as we wanted to sustain you with your kinds of interest and meet your satisfaction.. we ended up hanging ourselves on a blank black wall.

Ang hirap mag-isip, magpaganda’t mag-ayos ng bagay. Kasi nga naalala ko ang sinabi sa isang column ng yumaong dakilang senator Raul Roco:

“hindi pwede ang pwede na…”

Well blogging loosens us up in so many ways, like this one in particular. Every blogger, no matter how dull he writes or how rude or how genuine.. he still aims to connect with the minds of his fellow bloggers. And when he does, blogging time just got even more rewarding. It tastes good!

Some of you who grew up with my blog, in your minds are terribly intimidated by it. Or say, irritated by me. Yes, i know.. i can tell too coz I’m just as little dismayed as you are. But at least, I tried not to fake my character here, so to speak. I’m warm and generous and sweet and a complete toughie all at the same time.

But of course.. I met others too who were also the consummate everything: comedian, steady, wit, natural, a friend. And believe me, they made it all easy. So I coordinate with them.. and they pick-up. For together.. we belong.

[NOTE: To the Firefox users, when you get there, refresh it again as you will see broken figures at first, the next hit will be okay.]

So now.. let the three of us take you for a spin and a few spills coz we wanna see you all whirling peacocks! So what are you waiting for guys??? Let’s get this thing going! LABAW NA SA MGA KABABAYAN NAKONG BISAYA!!!

Hit the image below and meet us at the dance floor.. ok GO!


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