Bisaya songs

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Bisaya songs

Hello guys. This is my first post here in Bisaya Bloggers. I must say that I am very grateful to Ms. Ayeza for this opportunity to be part of this online community.

For my first post, I’m going to talk a bit about my love for Bisaya songs.

It’s Sunday once again. I always look forward to this day of the week because it’s the day when I get to hear Bisaya songs over the radio. My week is not complete without it (Most people would consider Sunday to be the first day of the week. For me, it’s the other way around. Sunday to me feels like the last day of the week.)

I really love Bisaya songs. To me, they really capture the spirit or the soul of the Cebuano or the Bisaya. When I listen to “Usahay” and “Matud Nila” for example, two of my most favorite Bisaya songs, I always think about our beaches and our islands. I always think about rice fields and nipa houses (or payag). I always imagine the singer of the song in a simple farmer’s clothing, resting underneath a tree with a guitar in his arms. In other words, I think about the idyllic country life. It might sound funny, but those are the images that come to my mind as I listen to Bisaya songs.

Bisaya songs also have a very romantic and sentimental quality. Many of the songs speak of unrequitted love, brokenheartedness, and hopes and dreams of the lover/s. They are often very passionate and sincere.


Usahay nagadamgo aco,
Nga ikaw ug aco nagcahigugmaay.
Nganong damguhon ko ikaw?
Damguhun sa kanunay sa acong camingau.
Usahay nagamahay aco,
Nganong nabuhi pa ning calibutan.
Kay nganong gui tiau-tiauan ang gugma co canimo?
Canimo da…

Matud Nila

Matud nila ako dili angay
Nga mangmanggad sa imong gugma
Matud nila ikaw dili malipay
Kay ‘wa ako’y bahandi
Nga kanimo igasa.

Gungmang putli mao day pasalig
Maoy bahanding labaw sa bulawan
Matud nila kaanugon lamang
Sa imong gugma ug paraig.


Dili molubad kining pagbati
Bisan sa unsa nga katarungan
Kay unsa pay bili ning kinabuhi
Kon sa gugma mo hinikawan.

Ingna ko nga dili ka matuo
Sa manga pagtamay kong naangkon
Ingna ko nga dili mo kawangon
Damgo ug pasalig sa gugma mo.


Damgo ug pasalig sa gugma mo.

How many of our songs today are like that? Perhaps none.

When I listen to Bisaya music there’s always a feeling of joy that wells up inside me. It’s a kind of joy that one feels when one is attuned to one’s ethnic identity.

In addition to classics like “Usahay” and “Matud Nila”, I also love “Ihilak”, “Rosas Pandan”, “Ikaduhang Bathala”, “Dolor”, “Lagkaw”, “Balud”, “Kamingaw Sa Payag”, “Mibalik Ako”. I don’t like very much the songs of Yoyoy Villame, although they’re funny sometimes.

I really am fascinated by how our lolos and lolas before were able to come up with such deep and meaningful songs. I think that is the reason why until today they are being listened to, because of their quality. I hope more and more of us will learn to appreciate them. After all, they’re our own music.

Nag narsing pud ko bai…

  1. hello, me too! i’m in love with Bisaya songs, not because i’m a vintage kind-of-lady but because it has always fascinated me since i was just a little girl! Imagine a first grader sitting beside the radio and humming “gimingaw ako…” i missed this song,i think i was already in deep love way before my first real love! Up until now,im into Bisaya songs, i compose Bisaya poems, and stuffs like that! Isn’t it amazing to be in communne with our origins this way? you might want to see some of my poems ;-)simply visit this: and also here:
    thnx and see ya!

  2. Hello Ms. B! 🙂

    You have a pretty blog… 🙂 Your poems are nice, too I wish I could express myself more in Bisaya that way… 🙂

    Dugay na man ko nag-basa2x sa uban nimo poems, even before I joined Bisaya Bloggers. I remember there was one poem that you wrote that I really liked, but I can’t remember the title. 🙂

  3. puro bisaya diay dinhi? usahay, ang kanta nga napagaw ko ug kinanta kadtong mga panahong naga-agulo akong dughan sa pagkanta… bass intawon ko

  4. iapil sab ang baleleng, hehehe.

    anad ko maminaw og max surban songs pag domingo… panggitik kaayo iya mga kanta nga bugal bugal.

    paminaw sab mog junior kilat… makaingon jud mog hawod jud ang bisaya!

  5. @anonymous – hehehe…

    @the caterpillar – tama, ang baleleng pud diay nice pud…

    okay pud ang junior kilat… 🙂

    kung di palang sala ang…


  6. ang gan da na man aobra

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