When Rules are Meant to be Broken

In Uncategorized on September 12, 2005 at 6:36 pm

When Rules are Meant to be Broken

I don’t like boxing. I don’t like violence and suffering in general. I think it is barbaric to be entertained by watching people or animals in bloody warfare, much like the gladiators in the Colosseum. That is why I also don’t like cockfights, horsefights, or dogfights.

But yesterday was an exception. Like millions of other Filipinos, I was glued to the TV set watching Pacman demolish Velasquez. In style. In six rounds. And I was yelling like mad — cursing Velasquez, grunting on every jab and punch, cheering Pacman on. And when finally the referee stopped the fight on the 6th, I was hoarse from too much screaming.

I guess there will always be exceptions to the rule. My rules, anyway. I chide my friends who shoot birds for sport. I tell them they should only kill for food, not for amusement. Then I make a complete turn-around and try to kill the neighbor’s cats that make such a ruckus while screwing in the dead of night. Nothing enrages me more than a screaming cat in heat!

I curse the driver of the car that dared to cut in on us. Uneducated bastard, I yell at him silently. But when it’s our driver who did the cutting, I applaud (also silently), thanking him in my mind for gaining a car’s length while stuck in horrendous traffic.

I guess we do have the penchant to bend the rules a bit when it suits us. I always tell myself to be consistent in applying what I believe to be right. Walk the talk.

But then that is often better said than done.

  1. we have exactly the same sentiments. i was going to blog about it but i didn’t know how to say it…

    boxing is a very senseless sport (but then, aren’t all sports senseless? hehe). that’s why i’m no fan of it, or any sports for that matter (we have exactly the same thought about hunting birds for sports. i think it to be a very cold and cruel hobby. it’s different when you hunt animals for food — you do it out of necessity, and not to satisfy your want for excitement, adventure, or whatever feeling bird hunting as a sport brings)…

    but i really enjoyed last sunday’s boxing match! hehehe…

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