The Master’s Birthday

In Uncategorized on September 21, 2005 at 11:59 pm
The Master’s Birthday

One day she got bored

and made Bisaya Bloggers.
Advertised in a lot (and i mean ALOT) of bisdak blogs
till somebody in the yahoo groups logged.

Very persistet she was, and us well, happy go luckies

So go we joined in like little pussies
joining didnt brought regret at all
coz look, now were like in one big crazy bisdak ball.

We owe alot to her,

Ayeza, the master
And since its her day today
Lets all cross our fingers and wish that she’ll get laid.



  1. Maligayang kaarawan, Ayeza!

  2. happy bday! “,)

  3. Happy birthday Ms. Ayeza! 🙂 Pila na imu edad? Hehehe…

  4. Hapi bday Inday Ayeza…you’re the real Martial Law baby…same age din ba ng Martial Law? hehehehe..

  5. eyyy sis ayeza, haberday! bisan ulahi nakagreet, late lang gyapon he he he. maayo unta pwerti nimong enjoy sa imo bday kay bday na gud na nimo syaro sad…

  6. Ayeza, dumduman ko gid birthday mo pero di ko makita IM ID mo. nadula sa akon lista. Pero ti, miskat naulihi basta makaabot lang sa imo. Hapi Bertdey! Kabay pa mag-usbong ang gugma sa imo panimalay!

  7. lagota oi dugay ko kagrit sa imo yez..but better late than never..happy birthday yez…salamat thenz sa imong post…kung wala ka nagpost wa pud ko kablo…

    sana okay ang imong bday yez!

  8. Hapi Beerday,Inday Ayeza, bisan late na. Kun wala pa ko kabasa sini wala gid ko kabalo tana ya.
    Gani, suliton ko na lang… Happy Beerday liwat a!

  9. This post has been removed by the author.

  10. Belated Happy birthday Aye. I hope all dreams came true. Have a great day.

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