Unsaon Pagbutang Ug BlogMap sa Blog

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Unsaon Pagbutang Ug BlogMap sa Blog

Sayon ra unta magkitaay ang mga bloggers kung naay BlogMap. Ipakita ani ang mga bloggers naa sa imo city o duol imo city. Galing lang medyo kuti magbutang ani mao siguro gamay ra naay BlogMap (as you can see in mine, 0 bloggers daw duol nako – taka!). Kung naay BlogMap, one click ra makabisita dayon ka other bloggers. Dia ang steps para kabutang ka ug BlogMap:

1. Begin by searching your city’s geo.position. Search for the LONGITUDE and LATITUDE of your location in this site.
Click your city and you will find its latitude and longitude

2. Copy the values of longitude and latitude to this script:

<meta name=’ICBM’ content=”[latitude], [longitude]” />
<meta name=”geo.position” content=”[latitude];[longitude]” />

3. Copy the above script in the HEAD of your template, preferably in the place where you see the META NAME tags

4. Save your template and republish your blog

Go to the following site
At the bottom of the page SUBMIT your blog URL

Now, that you have been blogmapped I am sure you want to display it on your blog.
After a successful registration in the previous step, you will be directed to a page that gives you the code to be inserted into your blog to display your blogmap.
At the “Adding BlogMap to Your Blog” section, Copy Paste the following html source in the BODY of your template (sidebar) to display your blogmap badge.
It should look like something like this:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”

YOUR SITE FEED URL looks like this:
For BLOGGER accounts this can be found at SETTINGS > SITE FEED

8. Save your template and republish your blog – VOILA! you got your blog map!

More info here.


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