Questions…so many questions

In Uncategorized on January 21, 2006 at 12:00 am
When I am alone or sometimes, even if I’m not, I see things that really test my sanity…things that I get for being an observant and sympathetic with life’s reality. So, tell me, if you decide to continue reading this post, that is, if you’ve actually had thought about the same things that I’m thinking…pleeease, I need this to preserve my sanity and secure peace of mind! šŸ™‚

On Love & Relationships

I have this theory that the reason why people (specifically men) don’t marry the love of their lives is because they’re not willing to give up their vices, bad habits, and truly commit themselves upon entering marriage. Thus, they marry those that they think would stick with them until the end of time simply because the women that they chose apparently love them more. On the other hand, if they married the women that they really love, it would mean that they have to be the ‘almost’ perfect if not perfect husband. This entails the following ‘adjustments’: being faithful, interesting and passionate partner, which I think the typical ‘macho’ men can’t afford to live up to for the sole reason that they hate being ‘domesticated’. Everytime I learn about an illicit affair transpiring between a married person to another just really makes my blood boil. I’m sure a lot of men would argue about this and turn the table by citing on women who actually have extra-marital affairs.But hey, the statistics of women indulgiing in such an activity is significant lower compared to that of men.

On Life and Reality

Probably my oldest theory about life is that “it is what you think it is” but our so ‘intelligent’ mind tries to make out something from it that in the end causes our own misery and demise. Is it possible that we could all learn to embrace the word ‘contentment’ in our disposition. Moreover, if one should stay content, then an ‘intelligent’ mind would only condone such predicament, implicating that humanity’s well-being should best be taken seriously. When I say ‘intelligent’ people, they are the people that are trying so hard in taking interest of other people’s welfare when in fact, personal gain and upliftment are what they had in mind in expense of those lowly ones. Don’t they realize that they can have so much and still die poor? for what else would their money do when they’re residing six feet down the ground already? Why do these people do everything and anything just to monopolize everything in this world? I guess they have the lowest EQ in the whole wide world!

Now why do I think I’m being like this? Well, it is my theory that if I don’t do indulge myself in this, I would totally be lost..a collateral damage!


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