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It started with an idea, “why not use blogging as a way to reach out and share with the rest of the bisdaks (bisayang dako to mean, largely of visayan origin…now to mean, people from visayas and mindanao who could speak, think, write, read, and proudly identify with being bisaya)?”

Of course, taking bisdaks as very sociable people who love to get together to eat and sing and talk and laugh in very loud voices, it wasn’t hard to form a network of bisdaks who blog. Eventually, the camaraderie formed within the confines of the blogsphere got into real life friendships…simply because bisdaks are very sociable people who love to get together to eat and sing and talk and laugh in very loud voices…and of course, are very, very, very proud of their roots. “Hala, magtambayayong kitang mga bisaya.”

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ang uban sa mga kinakusgang Bisaya Bloggers: kars, val, zimm, bhevs, fr stephen

The first official “panagtigum” (official kay naa man mi name tag. hehehehe.) finally kicked off barely a year since the Bisaya Bloggers was formed (through the efforts of Ms. Ayeza).

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mao ni amoang name tag (mao kini ang official panagtigum kay sukad-sukad kani na tapok-tapok pa lang ang naa’y name tag). notice the blogo (blog logo)?

This was after months and months of countless emails exchanged over the mailing list. A venue was spoken for, the coordinator worked hard to contact everybody, and most were very eager to get together.

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nice au ang amoang venue…fitting gyud kaayo kay sa communication foundation for asia – we communicate!

While there have been dozens of contingents of Bisaya Bloggers all over the world (ASA PA MO! WAY KURAT! UG WA MO KUYAPI ANA! INTERNATIONAL MI!), the bisdak bloggers in manila ang pinaka-kiatan ug pinaka-laagan…na gina-ulo-ulohan ni jory.

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si jory, ang amoang booking manager slash the next official WOW Philippines endorser slash economics minor kay ga-major man sa kiat-kiat. hehehehe.

It would be best to describe the members of Bisaya Bloggers as very diverse but are quite united because of their common cultural heritage. It would also be apt to say that while Bisaya Bloggers targets a certain literacy/class group because of access to internet connection and the ability to write and read, and be able to technologically manipulate the blogsphere, the love for the ginamos, bulad, and everything inherently “bisaya” is a shared passion (to a point that being Bisaya is no less an invasive and very adaptable culture). While there might be no clear-cut distinctions between different regional groups and cultural affiliations in the Philippines, being respectful (matinahuron), friendly, eagerness to forge connections, and giving value to our cultural heritage are important traits among bisdaks, probably because these are the values that best identifies us.

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this had been one of the most meaningful masses I’ve ever attended kay ayha mi galipay-lipay, gapasalamat mi sa Ginoo for being able to get together!

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aside from the fact na gwapo ug gwapa ming mga bisaya…

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…we are very laid back and we know how to have fun…

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…and we love to eat and communicate to share our lives and inspire others to do what is good in the best way possible. (naks!)

photos from jory and sealdi


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